Government to relax biofuels targets after production fails to take off

The DOE will submit the proposal to the National Biofuels Board

From Manilla, the Philippine government’s Department of Energy said it will relax targets for the adoption of biofuels after domestic production failed to pick up as expected. Undersecretary Jose Layug Jr. underscored the need for the government to revise its mandates, according to the article from InterAksyon, the online portal of a Philippine television station.

“The Biofuels Act of 2006 mandates a minimum blend of locally sourced biofuels into all vehicle fuels. At present, the country derives bulk of biofuels from sugarcane and coconut to produce ethanol for gasoline and coco-methyl ester for diesel, respectively. 

“The minimum blend for diesel was set at one percent — called B1 — in 2007 and 2 percent (B2) in 2009. For gasoline, the target blend was pegged at five percent (E5) in 2009 and 10 percent (E10) this year.

“The biofuel mix are to be increased in the succeeding years, but the government is pessimistic about meeting the targets, Layug said. He said a 20-year program is a “more realistic number’ as it takes into account local biofuel and food production to ensure that these do not compete with each other.”

One Comment on “Government to relax biofuels targets after production fails to take off”

  1. Enrrique says:

    Biofuels are a joke and a scam. Does anyone rezalie that if you trap the CO2 in algae, but then process it some other processing plant (which requires energy) and use it to fuel trucks (which requires energy to get it to the trucks) and then you burn it, the CO2 goes into the air anyway, and you used MORE overall fuel by fueling the production process of the biofuel. And where did the energy to store it in algae come from? THE SUN. So it is the most inefficient solar panel in the world, essentially.If you wanted it to be good for the environment you’d throw the algae into the sea or something, not burn it for fuel. All biofuel in my opinion as a physicist is a scam. Companies can pretend to be green while polluting just as much. And don’t get me started on the corn biofuels, and other grain biofuels. Again it’s just solar energy, which grows a plant, and then the plant is processed, shipped, and burned while the grain prices sky rocket and people starve somewhere in the world because of it.


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